Whether you are a private landowner looking for a simple solution to a problem or a large multinational corporation with a demanding or complex location we can provide an efficient and cost effective solution


When traditional supported scaffolding isn’t enough

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Our customers can be confident that all work carried out in complies with all the relevant regulations and Health and Safety standards and that we are checked and monitored regularly for quality and safety of work, trading practices and customer satisfaction

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Rolling Scaffolding

Rolling scaffolding is a similar to traditional scaffolding, but rather than having a stable base, it has wheels instead that allow the whole structure to move. This is a useful when you need to complete work over a longer distance than a single scaffolding construction would allow

Suspended Scaffolding

When traditional supported scaffolding isn’t enough as either you can’t build a base for the scaffolding or you can’t get easy access to the upper levels of the structure you need to work on (such as high level exterior repairs or window cleaning) we can offer a range of Suspended scaffolding designs to suit your project. Suspended scaffolding does what it says on the tin and is usually suspended from a roof or other tall structure and offers a safe and effective solution to working at height in a challenging situation

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