Lexgate have a variety of hoists, harnesses and accessories vital for moving equipment, materials and personnel up or down your site quickly and easily whilst also increasing the overall safety of your scaffolding system.


We have hoists favoured by roofers for smaller residential jobs to large electrically powered systems for bigger more complex commercial jobs where working at height safely is of paramount importance

Our hoists come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each has a different weight bearing capacity. We have both electric and air-powered scaffold hoists to cover any height of lift, capacity and lift speed needed. Electric hoists can be wall mounted or attached directly to a scaffold.

As with all our access towers all hoists have also been designed and tested to meet the access requirements of both British and European standard EN 12811

We can offer Scaffold Hoists, Gantry Hoists, Goods Hoists, Ladder and Cradle Hoists, Pack and Pinnion Hoists, Safety Harnesses, Rubbish Shoots and Accessories

To find out more information please call us today on 01392 432261 or 01626 824877



Whatever the size of your project whether domestic

or commercial

Lexgate Professional Accreditations

Stair Access towers

Our customers can be confident that all work carried out in complies with all the relevant regulations and Health and Safety standards and that we are checked and monitored regularly for quality and safety of work, trading practices and customer satisfaction

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