The law says you must conduct your business without putting members of the public at risk. This includes the public and other workers who may be affected by your construction site. Whether the public are living, working, or travelling past your site they must be kept safe from danger


At Lexgate we can help you meet or exceed your sites health and safety responsibilities by advising and supplying you with the most suitable solution for your project

We can supply, install and remove temporary construction barriers, hoarding, tunnels, roads, pathways and rooms which are health and safety compliant whilst allowing a ‘business as usual approach’ both sides of the barrier protecting against falling objects including debris equipment and tools, delivery and other site vehicles, scaffolding and other access equipment, storing and stacking materials, building materials, openings and excavations, slip trips and falls

We also provide event flooring , meshes, matting, pathways, barriers, hoarding, grass protection, safety rubber matting and plastic crowd control barriers

Protecting the public – It’s the Law

Lexgate Professional Accreditations

Stair Access towers

Our customers can be confident that all work carried out in complies with all the relevant regulations and Health and Safety standards and that we are checked and monitored regularly for quality and safety of work, trading practices and customer satisfaction

/ Pedestrian Protection Solutions


Our pedestrian protection solutions protect sites near roads, footpaths, car parks, shopping centres, holiday parks, hotels, pubs, restaurants, events, shows, festivals, schools, hospitals and more



We also offer solutions for ground protection and reinforcement



Safety Management Advisory Services
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